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About the beginning...

How it Started

I was a sickly child myself, I seemed to catch everything going and needed hospitalisation a few times for severe asthma. I was also covered in eczema from head to toe. I felt truly miserable at times. In the 1980’s, a common treatment for severe eczema was Coal tar bandages, made from coal tar. Wet, cold, coal tar infused stiff bandages that were wrapped around my limbs. It made it difficult for me to move at night. I was then covered in normal cotton bandages as a second dry layer, and if I didn’t bend my arms whilst being wrapped up, my arms wouldn’t bend and I couldn’t scratch myself…. If you ever had an  itch you couldn’t scratch, you’ll half know how truly frustrating it felt. To top it all off, I realised I stunk!! I smelt terrible! The same nauseating smell of tar you get when you pass workmen smoothing hot tar on roads. I don't think it is because of this but I do have an incredible sense of smell now :))

My Mum brought me to see a Medical Herbalist one day (after a lot of drugs and medical treatments and heartbreaking news: Doctors telling me I would never get better repeatedly). That's when my health started to improve significantly, by taking the herbs and changing my diet and lifestyle.

Then as a new Mama and a Waldorf Steiner Early years teacher many decades later, I was surprised at just how much illness a ‘normal’ young child undergoes in the first few years to build a robust immune system. No one warns you how there is so much frequent illness as a young child.  During this time, my child didn’t sleep much… day or night for 22 months to be exact. 

Let’s just say, not a very joyful start. That's why I created Yochild where the joy of childhood is nurtured and treasured. My goal is to remove obstacles in children's way so they can get on with the job of  being a child and have the best childhood imaginable.  


It's sadly challenging times and children need all the help they can get.  My calming, strengthening, restorative formulas and programmes can give children the best start they deserve.


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