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About the beginning...

How We Got Here

I was a truly sickly child. I felt a bit like the runt of the litter, as my siblings didn’t seem to get ill like me. I used to catch everything going, coughs, colds and I’d be covered in eczema from head to toe. I couldn’t breathe properly too due to asthma, often hospitalized. My eczema bothered me and made me feel really self consciousness, painfully shy!! To top it all off, in the 1980’s, one common treatment for severe eczema was Coal tar bandages, made from coal tar. Yes you read right, wet, cold, coal tar bandages which was quite the experience. It made it difficult for me to move. I was then covered in normal cotton bandages as a second dry layer, and if I didn’t bend my arms when being wrapped up, my arms wouldn’t bend and I couldn’t scratch myself….If you ever had an eczema itch you couldn’t scratch, you’ll appreciate how hard this alone was. When I managed to stand up, after my limbs were all wrapped up, I realised I stunk!! I smelt terrible! The same nauseating smell of tar you get when you pass workmen smoothing hot tar on roads. 


Let’s just say, not very joyful existence but I had my folks, until I was 11 years old and my Father died…. I’ll stop there as I could go on but do not want to over share. However, double goodness has been born from it all …. At YoChild. My calming, strengthening, restorative formulas will help all children. Secondly, I found out through working with children since 2004, I always seemed to bring out the best in children, keep them calm or overcome a fear, perhaps I found my superpower! 



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