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Wellness, Calmness & Beauty


At YoChild, we specialise in Calm and Children’s wellness. YoChild was born, after many years of working with children and noticing that there are increasingly anxious children needing support, children not sleeping well and children on prescription medication every morning to get them through the day. 

Our mission is to help children overcome obstacles in order to blossom and thrive in life. Sleep is the foundation stone of health, feeling happy and relaxed and building a strong nervous system is at the heart of what we do because we believe all children deserve a content and happy childhood.


Children’s Wellness is our world. 


My superpower is Calmness. As an experienced, qualified medical herbalist and A grade post-graduate therapeutic Early years teacher, I have combined my expertise and knowledge to design and bring together natural, organic as possible, wholesome herbal medicine and thoughtful, beautiful therapeutic aids so children can get on with the job of having a carefree childhood. 

I was a very sickly child myself, I seemed to catch everything going and needed hospitalisation a few times for severe asthma. I was also covered in eczema from head to toe. I felt truly miserable at times. Then as a new Mama, many decades later, I was surprised at just how much illness a ‘normal’ young child undergoes in the first few years to build a robust immune system. No one warns you. During this time, my child didn’t sleep much… day or night for 22 months to be exact, so I needed my Mummy.




Our children’s herbal range, designed by myself, an experienced and Qualified medical herbalist aims to help strengthen and calm a child’s nervous system and help with common childhood ailments. Nervotrophorestoratives are herbs mostly used because they are gentle, safe and effective. When a child is young, their vitality is strong and vibrant, imbalances are easier to correct.


Keep Calm and shop…

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